Friday, September 11, 2009

New Computer

A few months ago my aging computer from eMachines, which is no longer called that these days anyway, finally moved on to another life when a power surge fried the entire machine, even though there was no lightning and we have a circuit breaker.

A week ago I decided it was time for a new computer. I needed a high performance computer for my daily use, from programming to modeling and slight gaming. My father promised me a computer of my choice when my results came out so I decided to see Stallion Computers, a computer store in Swefieh.

I only knew about the store from a few newspaper ads and from Hani Obaid - whom I have no idea were he went - but the store is great and the offer I took was rather good. I modified its specifications a bit from the default they were offering and I haggled the price down a bit.

Anyway the computer is here now, I must say the service I got from the store was very good, the staff are very friendly and understand what they are doing. The computer I got has the following specifications:

> Core 2 Quad 2.66 Ghz
> 3GB DDR2 Ram
> XFX Nvidia 250 GTS 1GB
> 400 Watt Power supply
> 320 GB Hard Drive
> 4 Speakers with Subwoofer
> 19 Inch Samsung Monitor

The transition to my first custom built computer is a very unique and satisfying one. I am usually the multitasking, having rather heavy programs open such as Photoshop, After effects and Dev c++, along with Firefox and other similar programs.

In addition to being able to do all of this, I can now play games that demand alot of power rather easily and at maximum settings. For example, my current build can play Crysis at 1440x900 with all on Very High with elegance. Most other computers fail to do this.

The following are a few pictures from my current setup. Those of you who saw my previous post about my workspace will notice its much more elegant, so to say. Anyway, more posts about this subject will come soon, for now some photos.