Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ramadan Feast Guide

How to know if your Ramadan feast is an absolute disaster:

  • If your guests come an hour late know that they were warned of your food and ate at home without telling you.
  • If you place the food on the table and they volunteer to give it out know that they don't find it appetizing to start with.
  • If your guests forget about your food and start eating and complementing your dates, know that your food was horrible.
  • If you taste your food and it doesn't taste too good, know that it really is a disaster, because food tastes better when you're hungry.
  • If your guests don't finish your food, know that they didn't like it. If they finish the food, know you didn't make enough.


  1. So that's why Qais loves dates so much.. Dude Qais needs manner lessons :P hehe

  2. I hope Wisam will not read this and know that u r talking about her:):)

  3. Khalid: Indeed. We will teach him.

    Bilal: I did not mean her. In fact your dinner was excellent! Thank you.