Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Making Films

We were bored, one day, at our friend Yazans house.

As us being the high-tech people we are, we decided to entertain ourselves by making a short movie.

It was a comedy, since comedies are fun and easy to make.

We had the horror film Saw in our minds, so we decided to make a short parody of it.

Yazan agreed to be the torturer, and I was the camera man (a mobile phone, but good quality), Khalid was the tortured.

The end product was a few short films, I brought them home and spent 4 hours putting all the pieces together, then adding suitable beginnings and endings.

I then, after taking the agreement of the actors, chose to put it up on Youtube, for the world to see.

I put along with it another film, which I act in, a short parody of Bad Boys, which was originally for our english project.

Watch the films and enjoy!

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