Monday, May 12, 2008

Vantage Point (2008)

I watched this film after buying it on DVD, which was rather good quality, from the same shop I replaced the Prison Break DVDs.

The film is set in Spain, where the president is assassinated in the middle of a anti-terrorism summit. A large puzzle involves, where you get to see each unique persons 'vantage point', or his point of view of the incident.

As you see each vantage point, from the camera man to the control room to the officer, its like a piece of the jigsaw is added to the puzzle, and once you complete the 8 vantage points, the story unfolds to show the extremely unpredictable plot.

Each vantage point, although repeating the same 23 minutes, from noon till the bomb explodes, it shows you a different story. Do not worry, you will not get annoyed seeing the same shot and explosion 8 times - in fact, each time it happens you discover another piece of the puzzle.

With each shot and explosion, you have your nerves tingling waiting for the next. The action is set nicely with appropriate music, and even the setting is beautiful - which is filmed in Mexico.

At the climax, after the 8 vantage points, you will see some great car chase scenes, as well as gunfire and that sort of action. Everything you'd want from an action film is included in this masterpiece.

I recommend this for all action lovers. Enjoy!

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