Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mountain Dew

I once made this MSN background, because I was bored, and I was also drinking the stuff, and I, most importantly, I have a strong passion for this drink.

What do you think?


  1. I like either orange soda or pink. They sell something called (g) pink lemonade in C-town.

  2. Men need to be careful drinking Mountain Dew it could make them sterile.

  3. you made this?? bravo 3aleak Khaled :) looks really nice, i was addicted to it once too :D

  4. Hani: Ah, I have seen that, but I have never tasted it. I think its a bit similar to Fayrouz?

    Kristen: Maybe? But Mountain Dew is better than kids, haha. Just joking.

    Maioush: Then what happened to get you unaddicted? Rehab? :P

  5. That is very cool. Bein a college kid Mountain Dew and Monster are the stuff to keep me up at night, and coffee for the early morning labs. I just happen to be drinking a Dew at the moment, love it!