Friday, May 9, 2008

Prison Break DVDs

After I had borrowed season two on DVD from my friend, I needed to get season one somewhere, so I could see the whole series at once.

I went off to my favorite place to buy DVDs, a shop in Istiklal Mall, which sells high quality DVDs for 1JD each. I recommend this place for any film lover.

I asked him for season one, and he had the DVDs. They were 6 discs but he had an offer so I only payed 5JDs. If you went to any old shop, you would've payed 9JDs.

Although, looking at the actual profit the shop makes, which is huge - since one blank DVD costs barely anything, you could sell it at any price.

I checked one disc to see its quality and it was great. It turns out the episodes are recorded from some Fox TV thing. And it was HD, lucky america.

When I went back home to see which disc was which, to write on them which disc each one was, I found out each case, which carries two discs, contained exactly the same episodes.

So now I need to go back to Istiklal Mall, but my mum is not willing to go back again. I will have to wait, in despair, until tomorrow.

Does anyone know when the shops in the mall open (which time)?

So, now readers, tell me what movies/series you're watching/going to watch now? I want to know.


  1. prison break is good (am not watching season two anymore), but i like Lost the most, the problem that its shown once a week(no no thats better since we have to minimize the hours we spend in front of the T.V to do sth. more important!! ) anyway season 2 of Lost is sold for 10 Jds at al balad..
    all shops will be opened by 11 am