Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can You Make Money Online?

This question was one I pondered on many times last year.

I had heard many success stories of people who had went on the Internet, done something, and then got millions out of it. Was it all true?

I decided to try it out myself, as I had nothing to lose. But I couldn't do it alone, so I decided to get my slightly older close relative in the game.

After searching many sites, I found a good site called Bux.To, which seemed rather good. You surfed ads for a cent for each ad you see for 30 seconds.

Whats better, is that for each referrals view, you get a cent as well. There was also the option to buy packages of referrals.

I went ahead and bought some referrals with the 15 dollars left in my Paypal account. Soon enough the referrals brought me some money.

Of course, there was a catch, for the payout to come you'll have to wait 60 business days. Quite alot to wait.

At last I had ten dollars, minimum cashout. I requested it on January the 10th, and waited. I waited alot.

Until yesterday.

I really had thought that there was something fishy about the website, until I found an email in my inbox. It said the amount had been paid today.

And, sure to say, the amount was in my account. Sure it took a long time to come, but it was there.

So, I am continuing my online money making experience. Why don't you try it too?


  1. Maybe it wroth the try, Good post!!

  2. Nice u catch such site , and YES u can make money and A LOT you need Time and patient

    this sites Called PTC ,

    I see you add your refers in the link ;) this is if you got more than 10 active users u might get Hundred(s) per month ;)

    Good luck , if you need any help about that , u can Email me