Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Till Now

Two weeks of summer have past and it’s already fantastic. Not only is it because schools out, but I’m doing quite a lot of activities that make summer worthwhile.

The gym I told you about in a previous post is great. The coaches are well trained and the place is full of rather interesting workout machines. It really is something worth the money.

I’ve watched quite a few films till now, since the last review of Iron Man, I watched Indiana Jones 4, 21, Street Kings and Oceans 13.

The date of the Xbox 360 is coming close, which is in four more days. I don’t exactly know from where to buy it from, does anyone know a place in Amman and its prices?

Other than that, I learned four more pages of Koran, visited lots of relatives, ate lots of food and made lots of milkshake, which my coach advised me to do.

Ah, and my dad went this morning on a one month trip to London.

So that’s all, how is your summer holiday going?


  1. Try Smartbuy or Carrefour.
    I am sure Smartbuy sell it and they are trusted to give u a real warranty and after the sales services.

  2. summer till now is full of work , am so happy and so busy! your design for the nursery club is cute

  3. Welcome back.

    I was planning to have my brother buy me a pc when he comes over after Ramadan, but I can't wait any longer, I'm going to buy a PC half as good as the one I wanted to get from the US, but it's also half the price because they just don't sell any better PC here.