Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maa2 Maa2

ADSL prices decrease, but with tons of strings attached. Orange stabs us again in the back.

As I was reading on Adoosh today, Orange has lowered their ADSL prices, but has lowered all of the limitations. Even our unlimited one. The 128 kb/s internet connection famous for its unlimited download speed is now limited to a 'huge' 2 GB!

What does this mean? Well, for something like 512 kb/s, once you download more than 3 GB, your speed is lowered to 128 until the following month. But to where will the 128 kb/s be lowered to? 56?! Will we now be blogging as if we were on Farah cards? Would images never pop up?

Well with the new limitations applied, what would this mean? No more torrent downloading over night? No more free movies from the net and more visits to the DVD shop? All we can do is wait. If you want to check out if your speed has been limited, try out this and see what you get.

Maybe we can try calling Orange and see if we can get the unlimited back? Ah, no that wont work - they never pick up the phone anyway and you keep listening to that horrible song for hours and hours.

Believe me, I am willing to pay 2 extra JDs so I can get my freedom back. Argh...


  1. Once we have wireless coverage, with the cost of the land line and an orange adsl account which should be promptly canceled, you can get 2 wireless accounts!!!

  2. Hani: Is that a new offer from UMax? Or Wi-tribe? Please explain.

  3. Khaled, no special offer.

    Your phone land line costs 20JDs.
    An orange ADSL account costs 20JDS.

    A umax or witribe account also costs 20JDs and has about the same bandwidth cap as an Orange account.

    So if you cancel both your landline and your ADSL account, you can get 2 Umax accounts with twice the bandwidth cap :)

  4. problem is neither umax nor witribe cover my area yet

  5. Maybe it is covered, I was looking at a map for Umax on the offical site, alot of amman is covered.


  6. Khaled, I actually went to an umniah store and asked, he opened google earth, and asked me where I live so I told him on so and so street next to 5th circle. He brought up my street and asked me to show him where on the street is my house exactly, I was like you're kidding ? you cover spots that specifically. I indicated my house, and he showed me some yellow and green spots, he said the green is high speed, and the yellow is low speed, my house was under neither. He said they'll cover my area by the end of the year.