Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Do People Like Noor?

What is it that's so fascinating about Noor?

There is barely a meaningful plot to the story. The plot keeps changing all the time its annoying. The show is badly dubbed and it never syncs up with the motion anyway.

The background music is always the same. The soundtrack is horrible. The characters always live in the huge house next to the sea. All the characters work at the same company.

Everyone calls the annoying old man their grandfather, when he isn't their grandfather! The dubbing sometimes changes what they are really saying that you can notice it in the acting.

I have tried to work out why on earth someone would like to see such a show and I have no idea. Now the last thing I need is someones phone to ring and I hear that piece of music again. Oh, god.


  1. Well for myself, I like Noor because it is so unrealistic- it depicts an ideal life where things are beautiful and even when they go wrong they are soon sorted out.
    Also the scenery is stunning- Cappadocia, Istanbul...what more can you ask for.
    I must add though that I have only watched about 10 episodes and there is no way I could have stayed through the 100+ that have been aired

  2. I'd ask the same question about any soap opera!

  3. ya i have come up with a conclusion about why people would watch noor. here it goes: people watch it all because they want to know what's gonna happen. if u really think about it no one really likes it and it's too long..wth??? 150 episodes in only the first season???? take prison break for an example: short, full of meaning, extraordinary, awsome, and all the good adjectives that describe a perfect show. unlike nooor, a new problem pops up in every episode and it's solved in the same episode, how's that gonna be nice when u dnt know what to expect in the next episode or if u rnt looking forward to knowing sometihng. it's just plain stupid

  4. Oh, my God. I swear if anyone mentions one more thing about this show :@

    Which reminds me, The Bold and the Beautiful is still up and running on cable.

  5. I'm with hala, I cannot hear one more word about this damn show. Yahoo news even wrote an article about it. COME ON!!!

  6. I really loved dat show & no dat it shows how a family keeps together in bad & good times , it also shows how husbands & wivies shloud treat each other, especially arab people who only look dat a women should stay at home wiz da kids, which is wrong. Men should learn how to live a romantic life wiz there wivies eventhough they have children. I adore the idea of diz show although its a bit long.

  7. i love noor series and sanawat aldaya3 i watched them to the last episode but hey everyone has his opinion . I love mohanad he is sooooooooo gorgeous and everyone i know loves him