Friday, May 30, 2008

Prison Break

As you may already know, but may have breathed your last one while waiting for another post, is that I have completed watching the first season of the well known series, Prison Break. And I can tell you one thing for sure, it is without a doubt, magnificent.

For those sad bunch of you who still haven’t taken the honor of watching the series, I’ll condense the opening plot for you all in a paragraph. Lincoln Burrows, an innocent man, is framed for the assassination of the vice presidents brother, and is serving the death penalty.

Determined to prove his brothers innocence, but with time against him, Michael Scofield devises a plan to get his brother over the walls of prison and away from the electric chair, in order to prove his innocence once outside the reach of the death penalty.

This film is spectacular from each characteristic and every detail. From the actual story, which resembles the love of a brother and determination to get him out, to the plot of escape, which shows absolute genius in the crafting of the idea.

Each character has his own ideas and they represent his own profile in the film, from the mastermind Scofield, to the raw animal T-Bag, and even the dumb but innocent Sucre. The filming shows every detail and flashbacks give you an idea of what’s happening and why.

Even the soundtrack is great, which gives the right piece of calm or thinking or action, to back up the moving pictures. In fact, I took the liberty of downloading the whole soundtrack. Beautiful, I must say.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy the first season and start watching. You’ll never regret it.

Friday, May 16, 2008


We have a Math teacher in school, called Murad, who doesn't only teach Math.

He teaches everything. He knows everything. He knows how to do everything.

Not that he is God, but he is a superhero.

In class he tells us how he got full marks in Math every year.

He tells us how he finished his Math Tawjihi exam in two hours and got 197 out of 200, while the rest of the class complained to the local newspaper about how they couldn't complete the three hour exam full of tremendously hard questions.

Sometimes in class, when we're wingeing about the Chemistry quiz we took in the previous lesson, he tells us how simple Chemistry is, and starts telling us his stories about how he was perfect in Chemistry and how it needs no attention.

Then, once when half the class failed in a Physics quiz, he wanted to prove how stupid we were in failing such a ridiculous quiz, so he solved the whole quiz on the board.

He then told us how he was perfect in Physics, that he was prepared to give us lessons instead of Math, and how he gives private Physics tuition to pupils outside the school. Bare in mind, he gives Math tuition for 50JDs an hour, as he claims.

He complains about how he was the one in his family to go to college and get a job. How he receives an income of two grand a month, and how this isn't enough for him and he deserves more. And his stories of spending 400JDs when he goes shopping in Aqaba.

Me and my friend where chatting with him on Thursday in a free lesson. He told us how he stood up to his Islamic Studies teacher, at which he had achieved 99% in tenth grade, and went to the principle of the school, his father, and complained about the teacher, who was fired immediately.

After a few minutes, he saw a boy with a guitar, so he called him over. We thought he was going to mess around with it, but we were in for a surprise. He actually knew how to play a guitar, and played for us a whole song for Fayrouz.

And my fellow blogger friend has dreams at night of him being part of the secret service.

It could be true. The secret service could do with some.. er.. superheroes. ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keef 7alak?

When I was young, I used to translate some things word for word from english to arabic.

So, "al 7amdulilah" would become "good", as an answer to "how are you?".

One day I was feeling ill, a long time ago, and my uncle Bilal called. So he asks me,

"Keef 7alak?"

Since I was ill, I wanted something close to,

"Not really good."

So I answer,

"Mish il 7amdulilah."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vantage Point (2008)

I watched this film after buying it on DVD, which was rather good quality, from the same shop I replaced the Prison Break DVDs.

The film is set in Spain, where the president is assassinated in the middle of a anti-terrorism summit. A large puzzle involves, where you get to see each unique persons 'vantage point', or his point of view of the incident.

As you see each vantage point, from the camera man to the control room to the officer, its like a piece of the jigsaw is added to the puzzle, and once you complete the 8 vantage points, the story unfolds to show the extremely unpredictable plot.

Each vantage point, although repeating the same 23 minutes, from noon till the bomb explodes, it shows you a different story. Do not worry, you will not get annoyed seeing the same shot and explosion 8 times - in fact, each time it happens you discover another piece of the puzzle.

With each shot and explosion, you have your nerves tingling waiting for the next. The action is set nicely with appropriate music, and even the setting is beautiful - which is filmed in Mexico.

At the climax, after the 8 vantage points, you will see some great car chase scenes, as well as gunfire and that sort of action. Everything you'd want from an action film is included in this masterpiece.

I recommend this for all action lovers. Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Prison Break DVDs

After I had borrowed season two on DVD from my friend, I needed to get season one somewhere, so I could see the whole series at once.

I went off to my favorite place to buy DVDs, a shop in Istiklal Mall, which sells high quality DVDs for 1JD each. I recommend this place for any film lover.

I asked him for season one, and he had the DVDs. They were 6 discs but he had an offer so I only payed 5JDs. If you went to any old shop, you would've payed 9JDs.

Although, looking at the actual profit the shop makes, which is huge - since one blank DVD costs barely anything, you could sell it at any price.

I checked one disc to see its quality and it was great. It turns out the episodes are recorded from some Fox TV thing. And it was HD, lucky america.

When I went back home to see which disc was which, to write on them which disc each one was, I found out each case, which carries two discs, contained exactly the same episodes.

So now I need to go back to Istiklal Mall, but my mum is not willing to go back again. I will have to wait, in despair, until tomorrow.

Does anyone know when the shops in the mall open (which time)?

So, now readers, tell me what movies/series you're watching/going to watch now? I want to know.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mountain Dew

I once made this MSN background, because I was bored, and I was also drinking the stuff, and I, most importantly, I have a strong passion for this drink.

What do you think?

Making Films

We were bored, one day, at our friend Yazans house.

As us being the high-tech people we are, we decided to entertain ourselves by making a short movie.

It was a comedy, since comedies are fun and easy to make.

We had the horror film Saw in our minds, so we decided to make a short parody of it.

Yazan agreed to be the torturer, and I was the camera man (a mobile phone, but good quality), Khalid was the tortured.

The end product was a few short films, I brought them home and spent 4 hours putting all the pieces together, then adding suitable beginnings and endings.

I then, after taking the agreement of the actors, chose to put it up on Youtube, for the world to see.

I put along with it another film, which I act in, a short parody of Bad Boys, which was originally for our english project.

Watch the films and enjoy!