Monday, February 25, 2008

Characters At School

I've been thinking of a few people in my school, who have chosen different ways to continue their lives and gain an income.

The first person is my Religious Education teacher, also know as the Islamic Studies teacher. This man first graduated from university as an engineer.

Then, he went back to university a few years later, and went and chose to take Islamic Studies, and then later carried on to take a job in our school as a teacher.

Why did he make this move, you ask? In his opinion, he saw that teachers that taught religion in other schools where the least priority of the school, and the teachers themselves are university dropouts.

He wanted to make this change, and therefore he changed his position from engineer to teacher, in an aim to change kids paths to the right one.

Now we look at another character, this time just outside of school, a few steps from the south gate of our school. An old man, sitting in a chair inside his small corner shop, is the second person I am going to talk about.

This man has no other job to do, he just sells anything inside his shop to the swarms of students coming from the school, just next door. His shop is part of his house, and therefore barely pays anything for rent and such.

So, this man sits in his chair, selling packs of cigarettes to kids, and earning hundreds.

And there we go, two different people who have chosen two different paths to take in their lives. Who do you think will succeed? The teacher, or the old man?


  1. lsn i gotta tell u something........5ayri has somehting wrong with his brain, and we all know that since the first religion lesson last year..and abou zahra (the old man) stopped selling cigarettes to kids and even the employees of the school thinking that the kids send the employees to buy them cigaretts cuz abu zahra doesnt let the kids

  2. Sara7a Khaled the teacher's reason is not convincing at all.. am not doubting of their influence on generations BUT he can be that good person even if he is an engineer! if that is right he is a great person.. and for the other man Allah ykon b 3on elnas ya Khaled...

  3. It depends on your definition of success.

    The old man will make more money, but does the teacher deserves more respect ?

    What is more important money or respect?

    Can real respect be bought ?

    If you can buy respect, then what happens when you run out of money ?

  4. You never know, the old man might have had a good job and now that he's retired, sits in his shop. Many people see that as an option when they get older.
    I think you islamic studies teacher has a good influence on students. By the way, K.Araim, you haven't seen other I.S teachers!! Some of them can be classified as mental cases sadly.

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