Friday, February 15, 2008

Not Another Blog Is Back

Sorry for the delay in my daily posts, but my computer was having problems with opening, and I blame this mostly on Orange Internet. But anyway, today the problem has been solved and I have finally logged on ready to write a post.

So what better to start off with a few interesting headlines from BBC. You know, its really nice having your home page as a news website, such as BBC or Al-Jazeera. This lets your home page change all the time, and at the same time lets you know whats happening in the world.

And so, I've put a few nice headlines together. Enjoy.

* * *

The Prophet's Cartoons Republished In Denmark

It seems the 'free-speech' people will not learn their lesson (boycott, demonstrations, riots, death threats), and continue to publish the cartoons. This republish emphasizes the newspapers 'right to be free'.

Cars That Run On Compressed Air

Not only does this car run on compressed air, which does not release toxic fume, but only costs 2500 pounds (approx $5000). This car can be charged in only three minutes by another compressor.

Ghost Sighting In The UK

A roman soldier, as a ghost. Of course, if you believe any of this stuff you must have a loose nut in your head. The photos are obviously altered, but for the general idea of what was going on, check out the article.

I'm thinking of bringing one of these articles to my English teacher, but more on that later, if it ever happens.


  1. Welcome back, Khaled!

  2. hello Khaled!yes it sounds they didn't learn their lesson... 7asbona allah wa ne3ma alwakeel..

    i like the one about ghosts, interesting..

  3. Kinzi: its been a long time! :D

    Wesam: if you want to learn more about 'ghosts' and the science behind the sightings (hallucinations, reflections.. etc) look at .

  4. Thank you very much...