Sunday, February 24, 2008

Virgin Airline Uses Biofuel

On recent concerns on global warming, fuel running out, and fume worries, Virgin has made the first step towards helping the earth, by making its first flight using 'biofuel', a mixture of Brazilian nuts and coconuts. Take a look at the article pasted below.
The first flight by a commercial airline to be powered partly by biofuel has taken place.

A Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet has flown between London's Heathrow and Amsterdam using fuel derived from a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts.

Environmentalists have branded the flight a publicity stunt and claim biofuel cultivation is not sustainable.

Earlier this month, Airbus tested another alternative fuel - a synthetic mix of gas-to-liquid.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson said the flight marked a "vital breakthrough" for the entire airline industry.

"This pioneering flight will enable those of us who are serious about reducing our carbon emissions to go on developing the fuels of the future," he said.

[Source: BBC News]


  1. As the Environmentalists said, there is a lot of talk these days about whether the bio-fuel is really good to environment or not. On the other hand, I find the idea of getting fuel from Corn or Soya very interesting and appealing.
    Maybe we can ourselves start investing in the solar energy as a substitute to oil.

  2. Maybe, we can steal some corn from some farms on 6aree3 il ma6aar and start squeezing it into your car, and we'll see what will happen ok? :D

  3. Good idea. The only problem is that we don't grow corn in Jordan. We grow only Bandoora and thats why our farmers are so great and generates a lot of money:D