Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thy Shall Snow

Even though it hasn't snowed at all, and when it snowed all of the snow melted anyway, today it was holiday. And how better to spend a holiday than to write a blog post.

Now, hopefully at night the snow will start to gather on the ground, and we will wake up next morning to a white Jordan, and another holiday. Lets pray...


  1. Ya Khaled, we will see whose prayers carry more weight, mothers or children. I will NOT praying for snow. :)

    I hope you are not begging for special treats like hot chocolate and cookies like my kids are. :(

  2. Ah no, i have my computer and thats all i need. Although my hot chocolate tin has finished, i'll need to get another one from istikal mall. :(

  3. Poor students ! i prefer to have the holiday on Saturday rather than today,yalla nshallah tom we will have snow!

  4. call me crazy but I went to uni today * we weren't as lucky as u , school kids:P * but it was huge fun!
    Do not be tama3 3otal or saturday make ups will be after u
    Muahahahahaha >:D

  5. I like snow only when its falling. But when i start to experience "The Ugly Face of the Snow", i hate it very much! Its very bad when you have to drive on melted ice or not find a place to park because snow is covering the place.