Monday, February 4, 2008

Is There School Tommorow?

So here I am, sitting on the computer, peeling an orange and writing a blog post. But at the same time, I am thinking what will happen tommorow.

You see, the past two days have been a nightmare in terms of whether there is school and when the buses actually come to pick the students up. In short, it's a mess. Moreover, on snowy days few students show up. If the number of students goes below half, then the school declares the day off.

Now, as nice as this sounds, its rather fustrating for the student that has to decide whether to go the following day.

You see, if he went to school and found out he was the only one there, and was stuck there for another six hours, he'd do more than pull his hair.

Then again, its not as easy as it seems when you're choosing whether to go to school, or not to.

"To go to school, or to not go to school. That is the question."

Anyway, before we were interupted by these strange quotes, we were discussing what problems we face when choosing to go to school. The reasons for bunking a day of school are endless, like for example the weather, or an open day.

This time, its the "snow". And I put the quotes around the snow, because there is no snow. Its all gone and there is no reason to fear for your life and not go to school. All thats lurking in the streets are the piles of snow, that were left by the dumb bulldozers who have never heard of grit salt.

But, on the other hand, I have my mum who is forcing me to go to school tommorow, because she doesn't want me to stay in the house and make my eyes worse even more on the computer. Add to that the fact that I have stayed at home for the two previous days.

So, tommorow I'm going to board the empty bus and off I go to the empty school. Hey, maybe I'll find my friend and I'll go and play at his nearby house on his new Xbox 360 Elite. And, maybe not.

Wish me luck.


  1. bat5ayal elyom dawam 3adi !you are sitting on your desk right now listening to a boring class :) but meeting friends after the break is really exciting ! you have many things to talk about..

  2. I remember when i was in 10th grade, it was like this. I used to skip bus since it never cam at the same time and i used to go by Taxi at ten or something. I was the last to arrive to class.

  3. Wesam: Exactly. Thats what i did. How sad, everyone came and we had to take boring lessons.

    Bilal: Lucky you, you are my role model, i will do like you everyday hehe :D