Sunday, January 13, 2008

Glasses. Khaled. Together?

Yes, I got a pair of glasses today. I had always thought it was very extra ordinary that my eyes had survived all these years, watching endless hours of television and computer screens.

Until a few weeks ago, back in school. I felt bored, as always, so I decided to try on a pair of glasses from my friend Hussain, who was mentioned in an earlier post concerning school. It was as if magic had worked for the first time.
Everything in front of me was much clearer, like when a photo which was blurred had just sharpened. The minute handwriting of the teacher, which was before unclear because of how bad the pen was, was now readable again.
I kept my mouth shut for the following weeks, afraid I would be doomed to wear glasses forever. Until one day, when the family was brought up the topic of blind people and such at the table, I decided to tell them my story.
The next day my mum told me that she would have to take me to get my eyes checked at Istiklal Mall. Angry at the thought, I refused at first, but then I kept negotiating till we agreed I would go in return of some Cadbury Drinking Chocolate.
Got checked by this wierd man at a shop called Grand Optics, wore the extra thick testing glasses, started guessing which lens was better, something called 'with or without or just-the-same'. The result found that I needed glasses to see smaller things that were far away.
However this wasn't it, because he added that my eyesight would worsen in the future, and I would need the glasses to see/drive/read, etc. He added though, luckily, that I would only need to wear them when I was on the computer, watching television, or in the class.
So here I am now, squinting in these new glasses, looking at a clearer screen and typing my blog post. Thank god its the holidays and I don't need to wear these in front of the class. Then again, that time is coming. For now, I will wear them and see what will happen.
* * *
On a much more important note, tommorow at seven in the morning, I will be setting off to Nablus, a town in Palestine (West Bank) for three weeks. From there I will still be blogging from my uncles computer which luckily has internet access, and will blog also about relatives as well as the current situation in there. Expect lots of photos of the place, that might bring back some old memories (I might even go visit the 'Old Downtown' or the 'Balad al-Adeemeh').
Wish me luck.


  1. Towsal bel salameh :)

    Ps : Some chicks dig the glasses thingy :p

  2. Don't worry, glasses will improve your life and make you look more intelligent:)

    That is until you're 21, and can get a lasik operation!

    No visit to Nablus is complete without getting Knafeh from abu seyr and halawet zalabya !

  3. Yea, glasses are one of the few things guys can do like jewelry, face-jewelry. Framing an already cute face! LOL being bribed by chocolate.

    I ant tell you how pleased I am to hear you are going to Nablus! So few folks who should can go...enjoy it for them. Say to your mom. Tell Omar I said not to whine on the way. :)

  4. You have to send us ur photo with glasses , i can't imagine your look ;) do u know that i used to wear glasses when i was at ur age, i did a lasik surgery 5 years ago, i hate glasses so much as well.. so if you didn't like it you can make the surgery but not b4 18, enjoy ur visit am looking forward to see the photos :)

  5. Qwaider: الله يبارك فيك

    Maher: Ameen. And as if, I have have other worries to worry about lol.

    Hani: Maybe, lasik is a must. I will try to go to those.

    Kinzi: Ah, jewelery rofl. Ok i will tell her thank you.

    Wesam: Yes I think we are alike in many things. Great minds think alike :D