Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facts About Palestinian Economy

As you must know, its winter time.

This means that temperatures dip below zero, and right now its -3 degrees in the morning, and at noon it might reach 2 degrees.

So we need some source of heating.

But with Palestinian citizen's wages barely topping 200 Jordanian dinars a month, they will struggle to buy some natural gas to warm themselves.

Why is this?

Because with prices in Palestine soaring insanely high, gas costs you 10JDs per one jar. And you were complaining about 4.50JD a jar.

Also, one kilo of bread here has risen to 5 shekel, which is almost one dinar. In Jordan it is still 25 piasters.

Just thought you wanted to know.

I know I have not put any photos, this is because I am stuck with dial-up, if I go to my uncles I will post some photos.


  1. Yes Khaled they are suffering.. and things became worse since 2001 i think, Allah y3inhom , by the way the gas jar will reach about 10 jds in Amman very soon..

  2. hi~ i 'm new here, i like your site, it was cool and nice, i will be back soon to see what new