Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coming To An End

My trip to this city, Nablus, is almost coming to an end. This week will be my last one in my holiday to this beloved city. Despite the severe cold we suffered this time, having to cover myself with five blankets each night, I must say I really enjoyed this trip.

In this city, I ate zalabyeh, met relatives, changed priorities in life, stayed in the bathroom because of all the knafeh we ate, visited soap factories, went trips around the balad, saw some old turkish bathrooms, visited long lost uncles and aunts, saw my great grandmother's new home, spoke to my one hundred year old great grandfather, ate tons of food, and a lot of other things I forgot to mention.

And here are some recent photos I took, to add to these words.


  1. Hello Khaled, we missed your posts.. i want to visit Nablus to eat this delicious food :) you have to think seriously about returning back before Thursday to see the snow that all are talking about... allah a3lam if that is true .. anyway is this Sarah the baby in the second photo?

  2. no no the one with pink blouse in the 5th photo :)

  3. Khaled, I think you slept once covered in 7 blankets :D
    Wisam, yes that's Sarah sticking her tongue out!! Maryam is the one in the 7nth picture.
    Oh, and the food! I ate too much food here & need to go on a severe diet as soon as I go back to Amman :)

  4. Mariam and Leen are looking like sisters.. Sweet Sarah Bilal says she is looking like our Sarah, maybe same nose, bs bteshbah Eman kteer;)in my opinion y3ni..

  5. very nice pictures khaled. you can see me in the picture with sarah sticking out her tongue :)