Thursday, January 10, 2008

Skeleton Key

Left: The author, Anthony Hortwiz // Right: Alex rider in the film Stormbreaker

In an aim to recap on my old english skills, I decided to continue reading a series I had only completed two books from. This series is called the Alex Rider series and is written by a guy called Anthony Horowitz. His books have won the 2003 Red House 'Childrens Book' award, and the series has seven books till now.

The series talks about the adventures of a teenage boy called Alex Rider, who is asked to do spy missions by the British equivilant of the CIA, the MI6. Not only was his murdered uncle a spy in MI6 as well, but he is also a powerfull and wise human for his age and size.

This book in the series, Skeletion Key, talks about the boy's new mission assigned by MI6 - to head to a private island south of Cuba. On this island he must investigate the island's owner, General Sarov, and his plans to destory the world with his weapons grade urainium.

Sharks. Assassins. Nuclear bombs. Alex Rider's in deep water.

This book is a great read, even for old people, because it is a nice thriller with many action packed scenes as well as interesting plots. Although this book's plot/general idea may seem a bit wierd at first, once you read it you will understand it is quite realistic and not any old children's book.


  1. i like this type of stories very much its my best,so i think am going to borrow this book from you but the problem that am very slow in reading English books

  2. Sounds interesting but i prefer Harry Potter:) or going to Balad

  3. u know...harry potter is much better than the Alex Rider series and so is the golden compass but harry potter is number 1

  4. Wesam: Ok maybe in the next family meeting i will bring it

    Bilal: Going to balad sounds good hehe

    Araim: NEVER!!!