Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Perfect Hot Chocolate Drink

Go buy some Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. Choose absolutely nothing else unless you want to puke, even Nesquik (which tastes horrible). You can get one of these at C Town or Carrefour for around 3 JDs.

Take out three tea spoons of this magical stuff and put them into a mug of milk, then stir (yes, it won't completely dissolve because its still cold).

Put into your microwave for 2:30 (yes, I finally figured this out after many experiments). Go do something while this heats, because 2 and a half minutes is quite long and boring.

Remove from microwave and stir. Enjoy!


  1. i always drink the qadbery drincking choclate and it tasted a milloin times better than the nesquick one

    all the family enjoy it!
    my mom is trying some new brand, but its not as good as the Cadbury..
    plus its easy to make!!

  3. lissa imbare7 i was telling my sis about hot chocolate and cadbury,, i was telling her that having cadbury twirl and hot chocolate is a sin because its sooooo soo sooooo good and high cals too :(

    you are not supposed to heat liquids in the microwave O_O , i cant remember why exactly, but this is what i know.

  4. It looks very tasty.. but i have tasted the cadboury once and i think its sooo sweet, they add plenty amount of sugar and thats make me sick :(

  5. why not to heat the water first for 45 seconds, melt the hot chocolate in it and then heat again for 1.5 minutes, sho ra2yak?

  6. Shaima: Indeed.

    Maher: Yes, nothing is as good as Cadbury. ^^

    Anonymous: Heating liquids in microwaves is bad? Ah well, at least it tastes good. ;)

    Wesam: The more the merrier. :D

    Bilal: Try rephrasing that, its not water its milk, and you can't melt powder (look at photo). :/

  7. I always imagine you drinking "2ater" i don't know why;) will you write posts in Nablus? cause if not we will miss your posts!

  8. Now this is what I call word of mouth marketing and brand loyalty :)

    Man, I'm going to get one today and I'll tell you what my baby girl thinks about it...

    If it passes the test that every other had failed... I'll let you know :)

  9. Wesam: Thats what my mum says when I put 3 spoons of sugar in my tea. And yes, I will post from nablus with pictures as well. :D

    Kilany: How old is she? I am sure she will like it and its good because it makes her get a whole cup of milk everyday! Tell me what happens.

  10. She's 13 months old :) I'll tell you what happens...