Friday, January 18, 2008


Nablus is famous for a special type of traditional sweet, made from cooked carrots or pumpkin in syrup (a bit like jam), wrapped in fried bread to add to the calories. Or sometimes, halaweh is added, just to increase your waistline.

Its name is Zalabyeh.

Zalabyeh is not home made, but bought from shops deep in the Old City, such as Abu-7arbi

The bread is bought from another shop, such as a shop owned by Arafat family

Roll the syrup-pumpkin in the bread, eat and don't feel guilty about the extra weight.

Side Note: This is NOT as good as knafeh. Remember that. ;)


  1. Maaan this is much better than knafeh... I love Zalabyeh...

    Looks like you're enjoying your stay there... Have fun and take care...

  2. I didn't like the zalabyeh that people bring from nablus :( i prefer the home made one , we used to call the bread zalabyeh until i get married to Bilal i knew its the jam that called so, for me i prefer the one my mum makes ,fried dough with sugar instead of jam(which i don't really like) its really fantastic! may be i had a bad experience which you have to correct.. beside i hate knafeh as you know;) am not a nabelsieh at all! :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    i have never had this sweet, ever! are the carrots and the pumpkins cooked in sugar to make it like Jam preserve? i imagine it this way...but the bread sounds so yummy, i would eat the bread alone with some Jibneh nabulsyyeh!!
    i thought Zalabya was that sweets that is fried and made from the 3awwameh dough, with sugar added to it..not sure though!
    thanks again!

  4. Just to let you know I am from Nablus, never been in my life and I am loving all these posts.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    First time I hear of zalabyeh. And that bread looks soooooooo good.

    More about Nablus please, more :)

  5. Hey... Bring some for my father ... :) He loves this stuff.. He grew up in Nablus..

  6. Great great great..Nabulsi sweets are just great..I love Zalabyeh, i think i should open a shop here.
    Dont forget to bring my two Oil and Olive "tanakaat":D
    I hope you are working on the photos collection, for your own good.


    Wesam: How could you hate knafeh?! Its absolutely delicious!

    CTEW: Your welcome. The bread isn't so good without the zalabyeh.

    7aki fadi: Lots of posts to come. Hopefully.

    Qwaider: Call me and we'll agree about a payment hehe

    Bilal: Ok i will bring some tanakat, or buy some from a hajeh on the jiser. :D

  8. Oh man, I could eat nothing but Zalabya for a week. Enjoy !