Friday, January 4, 2008

Python That Swallowed 4 Golf Balls

What a poor old Python, mistook a few golf balls for eggs. These balls couldn't be digested, so they sat there in the Python's body until vets came to the rescue and removed the balls by surgery. I'm sure this will teach the snake not to eat anyones eggs again! Here are some pictures (one gross one was removed, don't worry)...

4 bulges in the snake indicate the golf balls inside

Another picture of the bulges of the snake

An x-ray of the body, the big circles are the balls

The surgery being done, poor old snake being opened

[Source: BBC News]


  1. get well soon snake (tapping on its head)

    before seening the pics, i imagined the four balls next to its head like a throat or something..

    you know, there are lots of people geting pythons as pets! eyuuuu.. creepy!

  2. bilal says " allah la yroddha " ;) he hates snakes and i she deserves that :)

  3. thunder: yes, its creepy lol

    wesam: so do i hehe

  4. Oh my GOD!! my ultimate fear in life (and death for that matter) is snakes! I had to close my eyes as I scrolled to the end of the post!!! Freakkyy!