Monday, January 21, 2008

More Views From The City

At the end of this street lived my grandmother, who now lives in Amman. I am sure she would like to see this photo when I come back.

To the back of this picture you can see many blocks in an area that was mainly fields or farming land. Most apartment blocks in this city are huge, in an aim to cut down the price of a residence by building lots of apartments on the same piece of land.

In Nablus there are two ways of transport around the city, either by your own car, or by a taxi. Because the town is still relatively small, you can call a taxi office and tell him your street/house, and it'll come to you. Quite convenient, eh?

A way of getting from one city to another is by going in a taxi like this one – an orange mini bus, or sometimes a seven seated car. The only drawback is the checkpoints, with long queues and hours of waiting inside the car.

This picture shows part of a close by village called 'Til', where a lot of farmers live, and plant or harvest their olive trees.


  1. Thats very nice! if you can go yo my city "allid" and take some photos i would be grateful .. kidding ;) Palestine is a very nice country i wish i could go there .. unfortunately i can't :( by the way it was snowing heavily this morning then stopped :(