Friday, December 5, 2008

Holidays Before Holidays

Some things are really strange in this world, like aliens, politicians and taxi drivers. But one thing that’s really strange is how Arabs decide their days off. Which is were my ranting all begins, when students decided that Thursday, the day before the Eid holiday which will last for more than a week, is a holiday for them as well.

There’s no problem in taking a day off, but why would anyone take off a day when you’ve got a whole week ahead of you. And just to add to that, my parents made me go to school anyway and I got bored to death, along with the other three students that came along as well, and did practically nothing.

Which asks the question, why on earth do we need holidays before holidays? The problem is that it’s grown too much its hard to stop this bad habit. My point is, there’s nothing wrong in taking a day off for some reason, but the problem is when you take a holiday for the sake of another holiday. It’s a bit like how everyone at school will come in their new clothes when we come back.


  1. I can just hear your mom telling "I don't care how many others don't go, YOU HAVE SCHOOL".

    I noticed several businesses near us were closed Thursday. Economic stimulus? :)

  2. Kinzi: This happened before, it was a Monday, one day before the last Eid. My mum refused to let me stay at home even though I asked all the class if they were going to come or not.

    I went and ended up having another boring day, this time with only two other students. This time I didn't really bother asking my mum since I knew she'd say no.

    ur just jealous cuz u were stuck in school and we were so close by at Qais's house playing B-Box
    by the way how are the new games?