Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Never Quit Your Blog

I used to think the same question in the early stages of blogging. The question was why I should continue my blog and it usually ponders alot of early bloggers for many reasons that they face.

In fact, these reasons aren’t true, most of the time, and they just quit even though they could have carried on blogging and living the experience of being a blogger.
I’m going to try and answer these reasons to quit blogging, even though I may not have that much experience, as I’m only two years into blogging.

A reason that always ponders most bloggers is that they believe no one reads their blog because no one comments. In fact, not everyone that reads your blog will comment. A really easy solution to knowing who reads your blog and what they read is a counter, like Google Analytics. For example, not that many people comment on my blog, even though I have over 1000 unique visitors every month.

Something that sometimes even gets me as well is that you haven’t posted anything for a century. This can, at rare occasions, affect your visitors, but in reality not posting in a while is not an excuse to never post again. In fact, most people visit blogs by RSS feeds or aggregators, so a blogs absence is rarely felt.

Writers block usually hits bloggers every now and then, but does it mean that you can’t blog if you’ve run out of ideas? Not at all. Even if you just had the most boring day, that doesn’t mean you can’t blog about something. Your favourite picks from Youtube, for example, is something you can blog about easily.

One last thing I’d like to mention is how some bloggers never manage to get a good quality post. It sometimes baffles newer bloggers how easy it is to make a good post. The main rule of thumb is to write about something people like, don’t copy from the internet, add pictures and photos, separate text into readable paragraphs and that’s it.

And to finish off my post, if you ever want to quit, why not try an alternative and take a break. Its usually just the frustration from blogging that sets you off, and before you do something crazy like write a blog suicide note to all your innocent readers, just take a while off from blogging.

You’ll find yourself coming back to it, soon enough, with fresh new ideas and a spirit ready for writing more posts.


  1. I wish more people would follow your advice instead if QUITTING.

    I may take up some of your advice, and I wasn't even planning on quitting :) I'd blog even your mom was my only reader.

  2. Good, point I started out writing daily, then every other day, then every week, then every two weeks, now I just write whenever I feel like it. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes to write a post, sometimes 10 hours. It just depends.

    Oh your mom reads kinzi's blog ? No wonder you turned out so well :P

  3. most of your posts are really available khaled , just wanted you to know that i really enjoy reading it, but am too lazy to comment these days, so yes never quit blogging:)

  4. Hani, lol, you are cute. Um Khaled and I are two peas in a pod. :)

  5. Khaled, I'm really glad you're back into blogging.I've started to think you're not interested any more. Keep going, your posts are very interesting (except the technical computery stuff which I don't get..but that's just me!)
    Kinzi, you're so kind! Your blog is a daily fix for me & I feel a bit lost if you haven't written one! We have so much in common that sometimes I feel that you've said what I've been thinking about:)

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