Monday, December 8, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Revolting arabic coffee, pitiful 3ediyaat, disgusting chocolates.

Sloppy kisses from old relatives, endless visits to people you don't know.

Even old men in suites arguing whether you can invite people to weddings by text messages or phone calls.

Eid il Adha. Enjoy it. :)


  1. Nice post. it summarizes everything.
    You should know that its your destiny that you were born in our family so your 3ediat will be pitiful until the end of days:)

  2. Nice post. although the chocolates are getting better, but the 3ediyat will remain the same. And the Arabic coffee is worse than ever with horrible things in it that I have nightmares about when I sleep.

  3. Bilal: Well this year's 3eedeyat was much better than previous years, I don't know why though.

    Omar: I can't believe you drank that arabic coffee. How did it taste like? (haal haal haal)