Thursday, December 11, 2008

True Luck

This morning, while I was lying in my comfortable warm bed, enjoying the heat of the radiator and the extra long holiday, I had to start worrying since my pessimistic self just has to worry.

It usually happens to you, when you're having a great moment and then your stupid memory reminds you of all the obstacles you've got left ahead in your life.

Well, today it struck me and reminded me of the usb drive my friend gave me on Thursday, so I could copy the latest episode of Prison Break he had kindly downloaded for me. But of course, I have the most unorganized life and the worst ever little brother, I lost it.

Even after searching half the house and torturing my little brother into confessing where he had hid it, but without success. So I began trying to conjure up some plan as to what I would do. And my brain began to whirl - picture Dexter's mind boggling.

In the end, I had made up my mind. I would ask him if he had anything important on the drive, then head off to a store and buy him another one, probably with bigger capacity just to cheer him up.

Then all the horribly good side of my brain started to argue with my evily evil side, until it got to the point of being unbearable, when suddenly I was woken by a common and bad luck voice.

"Can you guess what I found?", my mum exclaimed. Then my brains sides of optimism and pessimism began to argue, as they always do. One side guessing it was some old fortune I had lost, and the other guessing it was a two year old bad mark that my parents would blackmail me with for the rest of my life.

"Your friends usb drive". I opened my eyes to find her holding it. It turned out my little brother had hidden it between his spare blankets and my good mother had found it when she was cleaning this morning.

Now was this just a rare, one in a million coincidence, just like the way the big bang and the transformation of apes to humans happened? Or was it my good intentions to my friend and the fair God watching from high above? :)


  1. ...maybe this was the 'surprise' I prayed for you! Mabruuk. :)

    You better not share any torturing techniques with my son. :/

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  3. Great, you saved 8 JDs now. Buy some sweets for Ruhi, Shaima and Omar.