Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Change Of Colour

Or template, that is. I've change my template to a much wider one. The older one limited my images to a mere 375 px. So that took away everything called Mahjoob Cartoons.

You probably can't see this new one, you're seeing the old one. You'll have to clear your cache, if you're using Firefox just press Control + Refresh (Reload). And if you're using Internet Explorer, see this.

Hopefully this new template will let me add a lot more stuff, like wider images. Leave your thoughts as comments. =)


  1. Khaled,do you remember mala2e6? today I was watching a video on ikbis,and everybody was asking how could they save it.So mala2e6 told them the way you mentioned in your blog(and he said your name and put a link to your blog,so you are famous now!).Anyway I don't know why did you say that we can download the video straight away. It looks that nobody knows how.

  2. Hmm, interesting. However, looking at Google Analytics, there are no refferals from Ikbis or Mala2e6. Although there has been a big rise in hits on Sep 12th, but they are mostly from Qwaider and other blogs. Only one of them is a Google Search for "ikbis video download".

    And for downloading the video straight away, if they read the instructions not the updates they will understand. Thanks for telling me anyway. =)