Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Lady & The Tiger

I will give you all a little puzzle to think about, leave your solution as a comment, and if you already know this, please don't spoil it.

A man has to choose between two doors, that the king has made him choose. One room has inside a lady, and one has a tiger. The king has given him clues however, for on each door there is a sign. The king says that one sign is true, and one is false. The signs read:

Sign on Door A - This door contains a lady, and the other one contains a tiger.

Sign on Door B - One of these rooms contains a lady, and one contains a tiger.

So, which door contains the lady?


  1. And "I don't know" isn't an answer. =P

    By the way, it isn't hard.

  2. simple :) since both signs indicate that there is a lady and a tiger, then the true sign is the 1 found on door B, and the false 1 is on door A, which means that the lady is in door B ;)

  3. Mum, wrong. Rain drop, correct.

    You win... erm... nothing?