Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ramadan Is On Thursday

Shiekh Ahmad Hilailil announced that the day after tommorow is Ramadan, so tommorow you can enjoy your last day of eating! Ramadan mubarak to you all. ^^


  1. I just wish he would GET TO THE POINT!!!! it's so annoying listening to him talking about the new telescopes, the committee, the royal family, the quran, hadeeth, sky, night, months, the religious judges conference, members of the committee, blah, blah, blah (and the plane almost drowning his voice LOL)Anyway, Ramdan Mubarak :)

  2. Thank you Khaled for this. My only comment is that it might be more appropriate to address him as: Sheikh or Dr. (as he is a scholar and an authority in his field).


  3. ramadam mubarak to u too dear :)

  4. Its like Jum3a prayer. If the prayer is first, everyone will pray and go without listening to the speech. So, if he announced the news at the beginning, all will close the TV and go:)

  5. Khaled, may you and your family have a most blessed Ramadan.

    (Good on ya for letting your Dad read your blog:)

  6. Happy and Blessed Ramadan to you too :)

  7. Mum, yes I noticed that too.

    Dad, OK I will change it.

    Maioush, and you too.

    Bilal, agreed.

    Kinzi, not just my dad reads my blog. Mona (who also reads yours) is my mum, Eman (seen in a few comments on this blog) is my auntie, and Bilal is my uncle. =P

    Bakkouz, and to you too. =)

  8. Khaled, how fun!!! Please greet your mom for me!! She is one of those fun commenters.

    Now, I am not surprised at your maturity and articulate manner. With a mom like Mona, it would seem no other way. :)