Monday, September 10, 2007

And On The Brighter Side

Most of you must've heard about Husain and how he was stuck in the middle of Amman trying to search for his father with very little to think about. In the mean time, his father was literally dying in a hospital, where his medication and food wasn't given to him and the reception denied that the man was inside thier hospital. Read more.

If you haven't read the follow up on the story of Husain, then you're missing alot. After the publish of Husain's story, many bloggers decided to post his story on thier blog. This then spread to the local media, and even to the newly assigned health priminister, Dr. Salah Al Mawajdeh. He then assigned a investigation team to the case.

His father is now in a different, much better hospital - JU Hospital. He is recovering much better than he was in the goverment hospital, where he would've died if he hadn't been transfered. This is a great breakthough to Jordan, and - even though I don't expect it - maybe things will change after this. Be sure to read Husains actual update, and Qwaider's story (who visited the father in hospital).