Friday, August 24, 2007

Download Ikbis Videos

I have been busy in my lab, adding H2O to C6H12O6, forming huge explosions and trying again. At last, I have found it - a way to easily download videos from Ikbis.

You'd see that many extensions will work on popular sites for video download, like YouTube. Ikbis however, won't. It seems it isn't as popular as the other sites and no extension has bothered to add it. Do not fear, this is quite easy.

Go to your selected video and scroll down, till you find this:

Since you can't highlight it, you'll have to write it down. Now just write the URL into your address bar and choose to save it. Or you can use a download manager to quickly download the file.

Once it finishes downloading, you won't be able to open it. Go download an FLV Player, such as BitComet FLV Player (the one I'm using). You should now be ready to go. Have fun!

UPDATE: If you use Internet Explorer, you can see the FLV files in your temp folder (C:/Windows/Temp/), after you seen them fully on Ikbis. Thanks Bilal.
UPDATE2: I am an idiot, no need for the stupid link - you can download it straight away. *bangs head on desk*


  1. hello

    that was great..

    i copied the whole code ,then removed the unneccessary things keeping the url u talked about,,then i couldnt tell what to do with it(ya3ni u didnt say where to copy it)so i copied it to IE..and IE asked if i wanted to save it and i said yes..and i downloaded the player and everythig is wonderful

    now as for youtube and other programmes u can use keepvid i find it good..thanks again

  2. If you are using IE, you can find all the FLV files you open in your Temporary Internet Folder. However, it wont work with Firefox.

  3. Who would dare and use IE. Also this trick will enable the use of download managers to quickly download the file, so its quite good. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I will add it.

  4. you are only 13?

    mashallaaaaaa are so brilliant..alla ye7meek

  5. Allahhoma la hasad. Just joking, thanks.

  6. Thanks mala2e6, it turned out that you can download it straight away. I am an idiot!

  7. ما انا بقول ما شا الله و الله يحميك مش رح احسدك

    و انت مش متل ما قلت بالعكس

    و مدونتك حلوة ورح اضل اجي ازورك

  8. The part about hasad was a joke, please don't miss understand me Mala2e6.