Monday, August 20, 2007

Playing Runescape

RuneScape is the latest craze, and it deserves to be. In this online MMORPG, you have your own medival character in the virtual world of RuneScape. In it you meet other people, while training your skills or completing quests. Read more about Runescape on Wikipedia.

Right now, I'm training my hunting skill by catching green lizards deep in the swamps of Morytania, south-east of the city of Canifis. Ah, bliss.


  1. :( :( mo fahmeh eshy bel lo3beh.
    3milet my own account w kol shy bs mo 3arfeh w msh fahme w kman khayfe:D

  2. i want to start the game !

  3. 3militi installing la "Java"?

  4. no i didn't,bkhf men el vairosat 3shan hek ma nzzlto :)..I WAS HOPING THT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH STARTING THE GAME :D ok i'll try it.thanks.

  5. Khaled, my kids are Runescape addicts. The get on with their cousins in America and go 'into the wild' together.

    I asked Spikekid where he was playing, and he said "See Mom, what fun places you can go when you are a MEMBER!! The guy is a member, and you won't let us join". Oh guilt!

  6. Prepare for the nagging. =P

    Oh and send my salam to Spikekid, and tell him my username is Storm 989

  7. Khaled, quite fun, I will tell him. I suppose I should know what his user name is.

    No teasing him about no membership, ok? Yes, the nagging has been intense for some time now, but I am a Tough Mom. They are only allowed to play on the weekends, and not for hours. He is one of my favorite subjects to blog about, btw. :)

  8. Khaled,
    Did you try Conquer Online... its free... and its fun...

    I will sure try Runescape...

  9. Don't know, never heard of it. You should try Runescape, tell me when you do.