Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ATV to Shawerma

ATV Jordan, our country final hope of having a good TV show is still being delayed again. According to Jordan Times, ATV and the Audiovisual Commission are having problems, and ATV is going to result to legal matters (scary stuff). I hope ATV will open up quickly, since this really is the Jordanian curse all business's in Jordan are suffering from. I have to say that our country isn't really supporting development as it should be.

Just a few months ago half our city (that means our landlines, mobiles and Internet) was bought by a french company and now we've lost basically everything to an outside business. You don't need to hold your breath till you see schools from some European business. Orange Highschool.

Hopefully ATV will open up soon, maybe around the beginning of Ramadan and we can all enjoy whatever it will bring us (I think it was interviews and stuff). Maybe it will even get the interest of other countries, like MBC. Or maybe that's too big for a Jordanian TV, we should't go that far.

In other news, I'd like to lighten you up on Shawerma. It seems that mostly half the world serves sharwerma. According to my great friend Wikipedia, shawerma can be found in many countries, including the US, the UK, Russia - even our maids could enjoy shawerma in the Philippines and India! Its wierd how only Jordan was the one to discover poisoning cases. Maybe because its "Jordan". =)

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  2. i am not sure most people agree with you that ATV is being delayed by the audiovisual commission. the channel is simply not ready to broadcast. they have been missing deadlines for months. when they were being faced with lawsuits by creditors, they concocted the audiovisual commission story. jordan times is the official jordanian English newspaper and if you believe what they say, i have a bridge in Abdoun to sell you.

  3. regarding shawerma , what the government does not tell you, and the reason all chicken shawerma has been banned, is linked to a massive shipment of chicken that the government allowed to enter jordan without inspection. and the beneficiaries of this shipment are people who are very close to...

    this is like the rat-infested wheat and the old scandal of cooking fat that was being hauled in sewage containers and the latest water pollution scandal resulting from poorly managed water facilities that killed a number of jordanians.

    fact is, Jordanian is a rudderless ship.

  4. The poisonous cases were only in chicken shawerma.You can still enjoy the meat shawerma.I had a meal yesterday.It was delicious!

  5. Summer,
    No problem.

    So all what JT is mostly lies?

    Yes, I think Jordan should stop thinking about health issues this way (closing shawerma stores) and more of trying to make health something major in Jordan.

    Meat shawerma is delicious?!