Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reviewing Two Films

Holes (2003)

Holes is about a boy wrongly convicted off a crime, which is blamed by a long ago curse on the Yelnats family. Stanley is then sent to 'Camp Green Lake', a juvinele camp that hides a great mystery. While digging holes, Stanely makes friends with Hector, who - when they choose to run away - uncovers the mystery of the camp and releases the curse.

This film is a great book turned into a movie. It talks that no matter how unlucky you are, you will find hope in the end. It all relates very well together, and the story/plot is a very interesting one. It also has alot of laughs, and is a good family drama well suited for those who enjoy films with interesting stories.

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

After the Springfield Lake is cleaned up, Homer and his Pig decide to pour thier 'waste' into the lake, making it turn black from pollution. The Enviromental Protection Agency decides to put a huge glass dome on top of Springfield, but the Simpsons family manages to escape and flee to Alaska.

They then get news that Springfield will be blown up to build a new Grand Canyon, but Homer refuses to go back. The rest of the family go back to try and save Springfield, but they can't without Homer's help. Can he save Springfield?

This great addition, from the almighty comedy cartoon The Simpsons, has lots of laughs as well as the drama needed to keep the story. It also has lots of sub plots, such as Homer almost losing his son Bart to his neighbour Ned Flanders. A great comedy, not neccessarily for the entire family, but its still good.


  1. I like Holes alot, and the Simpsons.

    "Drive, drive, drive"
    "Oink oink"