Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ikbis, an arab's Youtube

Ikbis (إكبس), is a word in arabic meaning "click". Now, it's a video portal, an arab's equivilant of Youtube. Ikbis is surprisingly popular, with quite alot of videos, and not all of them are arabic. Ikbis was released in 20 November 2005, and is running and gaining new people and videos everyday. What did you expect from the first video sharing website in the Arab World?

Ikbis is the first photo and video sharing service in the Arab World. Ikbis is part of TootCorp, a media company based in Arabia and founded in September 2005. TootCorp has special interest in citizen media and self-publishing. Other services by TootCorp include Toot and Toot Advertising Network (TAN).

With that said, let me introduce you to the Laughing Toy:


  1. Did u list your blog in any blog aggregator?
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  2. Qwaider, yes. But the other one, no. I will try to.