Friday, August 31, 2007

Every Single School Day

- Around 5:30 AM, time for salat al-fajir

Mum: Khaled, wake up.
Me: (Snores)
Mum: Khaled.... wake up!
Me: Why?
Mum: To pray al-fajr
Me: Oh ok. (Snores)
Mum: KHALED!!!
Me: Yes?
Mum: You're going to miss the salah!
Me: Ok, no problem. (Snores)
Me: No.
Mum: Yes!
Me: Ok just a minute and I'll get up. (Snores)
Mum: (Drags me out of bed)

I get up, crawl to the bathroom, do wudu' then pray. I go back to sleep.

- 6:25 AM, around 5 minutes before school bus

Mum: Khaled! The bus will come in 5 minutes!!
Me: Ok I'm coming.

I get out and start wearing my uniform that needs ironing (but I don't really care) and then go back to sleep.


I drag my heavy bones to the kitchen. I eat my breakfast (which is oatmeal of course - yuck), and drink my tea. Then the dreaded sound comes - BEEP BEEP BEEP!

Me: Is it my bus?
Mum: YES!!!!
Me: Oh god, he's 10 minutes early, again! Is my sandwich ready?
Mum: Go and tell him to wait!

I go out and try and signal to the bus driver to wait. He replies with a huge scowl and more beeps.

Mum: Here, take the sandwich. Do you have any tissues?
Me: Yes...
Mum: Ok, bye
Me: Bye

By this time I'm still half asleep. I get onto the bus, sit down and put my head back. Zzzzz...

- 7:00 AM, still 30 minutes till school starts

We get to the stupid school. I get out and drag my self to the cafeteria, were all my friends are. They're all frantically doing homework.

Me: What? Do we have homework?!
Friends: Yes of course, Biology!
Me: Oh no!

I get out my book and start copying from another student. From the inside of the the cafe I can hear Jamal, the seller, shouting to the Egyptian sandwich makers inside: "Wahad Falafel Suber. Khaleeha itneen!"

- 7:30, School time

And there we go, 8 periods, and after each one finishes I start counting how much periods left.

- 3:30, At home at last

1 down, 10 million days to go. (Sobs)


  1. wow, dude thats horrible.. imagine repeating 3 years at school *hint*

  2. I have 4 years to go, not 3. (Sob sob)

  3. I never saw any guy who hates the school like Khaled Al-Sharif!!
    Come on, try to love it, find a purpose. Maybe to get some hints and tips from the internet about "How to Like your School" Or How to stop hating your school" Or "Why you should not commit suicide in School"

  4. Everyone hates school. It's not like you liked school when you were a kid.

    You came to my school anyway, so you must know how the bus's are like. Old and smelly.

  5. So, you don't like school, join the club ... but when you look back years from now, you will realise that school days were the best ... and anyway you have computers now ... so enjoy the moment, plenty of time to worry about life ... and now for the computer test who am I?

  6. I somehow doubt finding school good, they are terrible.

  7. By the way, who are you?

    Oprah Winphrey I guess.