Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back From 3omrah

After a whole day of sitting in the uncomfortable bus, driving along the roads of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, I arrived back home. As the saying says, home sweet home.

One of the highlights of the trip was the Prophets mosque, a beautiful and well cared for mosque.

I remember when we were passing the Saudi borders, and a police man entered the bus, a young boy pointed at him and asked, “Is he the Prophet?”.

Anyway, I am now back at home on the computer, and ready to burn off the rest of the maybe five weeks of summer holiday.

Maybe I’ll watch Indiana Jones today and review it in a post tomorrow. Goodbye until then.


  1. عمره مقبوله انشاء الله و عقبال الحج قريبا. الحمدلله على سلامتك.

  2. taqabbal allah ya Khaled.. looking forward to see you hairless!

  3. ِAllah yisalimkum jamee3an.

  4. تقبل الله عمرتكم.. والحمد لله على السلامة..
    خالتو أسماء والعائلة