Monday, June 2, 2008

Thoughts Before Bedtime

Miscellaneous thoughts from this peculiar day of mixed good thoughts as well as bad thoughts.

Today, my good old neighbor told me of a new shop that opened not far from here, that sells DVDs and the like for 1JDs and has offers. I decided to go and see it.

The shop was great, its owner was friendly, he had Prison Break Season 3 for only 4JDs, he tested them all out for me on the 42” screen in his shop, which I have no idea where it came from with such a small shop.

He even gave me a fifth DVD free as an offer for buying 4 DVDs. Nothing more to draw me, I will be back to empty out your shop – mark my words.

In other news, I’m still pondering to think about the upcoming Xbox I’m getting in summer, and hopefully it’ll be quite soon. The days are creeping ever so closer, and I’m getting mixed up already.

Some thoughts lurk around in my mind. Well, more like questions without answers. Arcade or Pro? 50JDs more for a bigger hard drive and more accessories? HDMI cable or just stick with the HD AV that comes with the package?

I’ll have to answer those questions later. Now, one priority is nagging around my head.

Post, then sleep.


  1. You know, the other day you came to my mind, I thought to myself, waini ra7 el walad. :D

  2. A new place opening DVDs ? I thought they were closing them all.

    Yesterday I went to the balad, and I found almost all of them were still open. In front of Mat3am Al-Quds, there were at least 8 DVD stores open, and those were just the ones within view.