Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Iron Man (2008)

I watched this film yesterday and I must say it is fantastic.

The story talks about a Tony Starks, a man who owns a weapons factory that makes firearms for the military. After being captured by a terrorist group, he finds out that his weapons are being used against America and escapes by building the Iron Man.

Once outside and in a press conference, he declares that he will shut down the factory after what he saw while he was captured. However, a man also in the company was not at all willing to shut the factory down and later became enemies with him.

Tony must now use all his power against his enemy, by building an improved, more sophisticated but powerful Iron Man, in order to battle his enemies and rid the world of evil. Along comes action packed scenes that you will love.

Talking more about the bad sides, this film's plot is rather short and might even be predictable. The action is a bit overrated but settles to be fair by the end. Putting the cons aside, the film contains great action scenes as well as well put special effects.

A stunning film for those action lovers.

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