Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Day Of Holiday

How better can the summer holiday get?

Since I have my computer finally back, I can now fulfill my promise to post daily. And I hope I can keep up to my promise. Anyway, today since I had the DVD player to my self, I decided to burn my eyes more and watch two new films.

I decided to review them to the public. The first is The Condemned, and the second is National Treasure: Book Of Secrets.

The Condemned (2007)

Ten prisoners on death row are bribed out of prison and sent to an island to be filmed and broadcast over the Internet. There mission is to find each other and kill one another until only one wins, who will be freed. The main aspect of the film is violence packed action, in which all the islands fights center around. Although of the violence extensively that some may find fun, I find it too much.

The plot keeps twisting and turning, and the ending is not how I would expect it to be. Rather strange that a prisoner is the hero and not the producer. All in all I did not like this movie, a bad film were even the action isn't put together correctly.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (2007)

As a sequel to the previous film in the series, which I also watched as well, Ben Gates is a treasure hunter who solves clues in order to find his families lost treasure. Gathering friends and foes along the way, Gates manages to find his goal. This film is filled with riddles and mysteries, as well as action and adventure at the right times as well.

Especially when they are plotting to rob something, the sequel of events is great. As to not give away much of the plot, I'll leave the rest to you. The two films in the series are worth the watch, don't miss out on them.

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