Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tomorrow's The Last One

My last exam is tomorrow, and after I finish the exam I will be free for two months - summer holiday.

I have quite alot in mind for the summer, what to do and what not to do. Where to go as well.
Lots of DVD watching, every single day, 24 hours. Ok, something close to that.

On the 13th, my family and I are off to 3omrah. I'm sure I'll find a wireless link there, so I'll keep you posted. I'll be back on the 22nd, and more things I need to find to do. Maybe campfires, or more DVDs, or some biking?

On the 5th of July I'll be getting the holy XBox 360, as written and signed on paper and blogged about as well in an earlier post. I might as well spend the rest of my summer playing on the 360, but instead I have some things to do as well.

All throughout the month of July I'll be taking part in some gym, with some friends of mine - body building of course. Should be fun. And as part of the agreement of the 360 I must go to a quran club as well. 3 times a week.

So that means a busy summer for me. And a fun one, hopefully.

What do you have in mind this summer?


  1. Good luck :)

    you just reminded me of the good college days :(

    I don't have anything in my mind for summer, I don't even have a work it is :)

  2. don't forget to pray for us there :)

  3. My plan in summer insha'llah is to take some driving lessons to get the driving license.Id3eelee!