Sunday, June 15, 2008

In The Prophets City

The land where the sun shines high above, blazing at 40 degrees high, over the two great mosques symbolic to Islam.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia.

Today is the 3rd day of our 3omrah in the holy land. We got here by bus, a 21 hour drive with constant visits to the (extremely dirty) bathrooms on the road. Arabic toilets are the only available option!! Not a very nice experience.

Off to the Medina.

After the ride which was quite long, boring and uncomfortable, the heat of the country welcomed us. It’s a bit like opening an oven and sticking your head inside.

Putting the bus and weather aside, the hotel was good, even though it has no wireless and all surrounding wireless access point are password protected – how clever.

The hotel is right beside the 7aram, the second mosque of the three important mosques in Islam. I’ve been to the mosque to pray a few times today and yesterday. The mosque is huge and the inside is beautiful.

We stay in Medina for two more days now, and on Tuesday we regroup to head to Mecca, where we begin I7ram and such. I’ll get into details once the day comes.

I’ll try to keep posting, once I figure out this 3G service or I find an access point. Until then, good bye from Saudi Arabia.

By the way, who ever knew Saudi Arabia had Indians (rather than Egyptians in Jordan) for the manual labour? :D


  1. Khaled,the weather in Mecca is even hotter than Madinah!so please try to ignore the weather matter.
    Looking forward to see you bald!

  2. helloooo Khaled! nice photo, wish i am with you right there ! la tenso ted3oolna enjoy it and pray as much as you can in Mecca,and tell me when Raw7i reach the top of ka3beh ;)

  3. haha khaled nice least ur doing something useful this summer, we're not
    although i bought the 3rd season of PB and it's awsome and we're gonna go out tomorrow, u knw the usual ppl

  4. hallo khaled hope u have good time id3eeli