Saturday, August 2, 2008

Days With My Father

This type of journal, rather interesting with pictures and text to go with, is rather touching.

It talks about a son with a father, who suffers from a disease similar to Alzheimers. He had no short term memory, and the son had only discovered this after his mother died suddenly.

When he and his father returned from the funeral, his father was puzzled where his wife was. After the son explained to him she had died, he soon discovered he had no short term memory.

Because he would be traumatized again and again when he would find out his wife was dead, the son changed the story so she was in Paris caring her sick brother.

The journal covers alot of his daily life, so see it if you can. The navigation is rather puzzling at first, but all you need to do to move your mouse below the picture and click to move forward.


  1. Man... I was reading "Days with My Father" and looking at the photos...

    It broke my heart...

  2. Indeed, me too. I am grateful to share this with you.