Friday, August 22, 2008

First Week Of School

Now this was one long week, and I guess the reason was no other than because it was a school week.

A lot of new things happened this tenth year in school. My brother now comes with me to school, which is rather annoying, and we now go to school by car instead of by bus.

Quite a few of the old teachers had changed - well, we weren't really surprised. The Physics teacher was probably fired because everyone hated him, the Chemistry teacher was pregnant and had to stop teaching - how convenient. She was good and now they've got us someone worse.
The English teacher tried to get a raise but in this stubborn school, they disagreed and she left in search of a better school. About 10 students from grade nine had left and there was only 1 new student.

Last year a friend of mine was hit by an SUV and broke his thigh when he was leaving the school. The school had to fire the PE teacher, since he let him leave early - not that'd make a difference, but the school has to blame someone or else the parents (see: money) will start asking questions.

And thats that. This year is externals year for the IGCSE - something equivalent to the tawjihi. Thats great, just great. More pressure. :)

Anyway this weekend my family is off to THE AQABA, city of buildings made of gold and a woman blowing sand onto them. Hehe. I'll hopefully be blogging from there, so see you then.


  1. what a beginning ! why the physics teacher is fired ? wasn't he the hero man you blogged about once?

  2. Why is your brother coming with you annoying ? Trust me make him your friend and good ally, he will always be there for you.

    I did IGCSEs. They're easier than Tawjihi especially if your English is good.