Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Sixth Sense, a 1999 film which may sound quite old, but is rather interesting, is about a boy who has a sixth sense, maybe some might call it a gift. This gift enables him to see dead people.

While this may seem to some as 'cool', maybe even reminding you of Ghost Whisperer, this frightens the young boy as he keeps seeing people begging for mercy with cut off limbs or hanging from a rope.

This goes by the tag line of the movie, 'not every gift is a blessing', and his daily traumas make him more and more troubled with his life.

The boy seeks the help of a disheartened child psychologist, Dr Malcom, who once was shot by one of his patients who had the same sixth sense, driving the patient into total madness and misery.

With the help of the doctor, after he realizes that what the boy is seeing is real, the boy begins to tackle his dilemmas with the help of the psychologist, by speaking to the dead people and seeing what they need.

This psychological horror film or maybe thriller, is a rather interesting one. This is one of the films that the plot is focused on more than the action, but without getting too unbalanced.

Probably the best and most thrilling part of the film is the twist ending, for which the director was very creative indeed. You will be surprised by the ending, I can assure that.

Be sure to watch this six Academy Award nomination film.


  1. helloooooo!! the child psychologist didnt have that same gift!!! ofcourse not, the only twist was that he was dead, just that he never realized it until the end of the film, and if u notice he never talked to anyone but the kid......
    nice post anywayz

  2. I meant the patient was the one with the same gift. The one that shot him.