Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Brainiac Stuff

A few facts from my favorite show that I can only watch on the web, Brainiac.

- A human eye can be measured in megapixels - 254 mp to be exact.
- The best paper airplane you can make is from an A4 sheet of paper.
- You can make a rocket out of a water bottle tank and some air.
- Want to make the smelliest fart? Try sprouts.
- Eating some chili will make the funniest facial expression.
- You can fold a piece of paper, no mater the size, 9 times only.
- Packing helium balloons in your packaging can make it lighter.

And quite alot more, go to Youtube and search for Brainiac. I'm sure you'll be amazed.


  1. My favorite science show was popular mechanics for kids but I think they stopped making it since the presenter became a successful actress.

  2. Hani: I think there is a magazine with that name, right?

  3. Khaled exactly. Popular Mechanics is an American Science magazine, but it's not a technical mag for scientists, but just covers the latest scientific discoveries and research at a level intended for ordinary people.

    The Canadian TV show PMK was based on that magazine, and it had a segment called Maniac Brainiac, but its not related to the British Brainiac show you like.