Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Street Numbers Really Work!

It's true, a restaurant delivery reached out house with only our road name and number!

Today we decided to get a delivery from Tazaj, after its good reputation it got from our family in Saudi Arabia. We rang them up and ordered.

When we asked do you deliver to Sports City, he said yes, and asked us for our street address and the number. We gave it to him thinking he was joking and he'd ring back later to ask for directions.

Within half an hour, he had reached our house and we enjoyed the dinner. The amazing thing is that we didn't give him any directions.

Now I have no idea how on earth he knew where to go, maybe he opened up the imaginary A-Z of Amman and looked up our street.

Maybe he has some GPS system that tells him how to reach the street. Or his has some voodoo powers to hunt us down, I don't know.

Thing is, it worked - maybe we can start using this method publicly, to reach destinations, to get to houses and landmarks, maybe even in taxis.

What do you think?


  1. ya that's normal man...we have never had to give directions to any delivery boy. never

  2. Second Khaled, u are kidding!! u never had to give directions? where do u live man? London? I spend the whole call giving him directions. I even once had to give directions to emergency services although it was an EMERGENCY!

  3. Yes I think Khalid is joking.

    Or since they've already ordered from the delivery then they won't need to give directions again.

  4. I can't wait til we have proper GPS maps for Amman. The new blue street numbers are a step int he right direction.

    I marvel when I call in to order pizza and they actually still have my address from the last time I ordered.

    Some places have the driver call you back every single time to ask for directions even if you order 20 days a month.

    Tazej's portions are a little small. There's a place in Shmeisani called Chikozal that delivers spicy chicken.