Friday, August 1, 2008

Tawjihi Results

Today I woke up at the sound of gunfire, fireworks and car horns.

Was it yet another stupid wedding? At 8 AM? No. Maybe it was it World War 3? Maybe it was some drunks/drug addicts in happy hour?

No. It was the celebrators of Tawjihi.

So, congratulations to all who got more than 50%. Farewell to all those who got less.

Have fun celebrating for continuous hours in the streets with your heads dangling out the car windows screaming your barbarian war cries.

Also have fun shooting with your machine guns and RPGs, and try not to break a window or some telephone pole (it happened once, I swear). And if you want to kill the boy, have some mercy.

Happy Tawjihi!

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  1. I checked my 2008/2009 results on